"The doors are opened wide for Gina and the opportunities are endless. She intends to continue on to get her masters. I can't thank you enough for the help you provided in opening the doors for Gina. We are forever grateful."

- Gerald Zanarini
Springfield, MA










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Your Child's College Fit is Important

The national average percentage of students who stay enrolled at their chosen college for four years is 51%. 91% of C.A.N.E. students stay enrolled for all four years.

91% of C.A.N.E. students stay enrolled at their chosen college for 4 years, compared to the national average student retention rate of 51%.

A good fit: happy, successful experiences that families are financially prepared for.

Acceptance Rate Comparison
of all colleges and universities to which students applied.

Our students are 21% more readily accepted than all students nationally, applying to the same schools. This supports the effectiveness of our selection & suitability process.

Client Cost Savings

Average Client College Savings of 46%
for families receiving need-based financial aid.

Our students who were awarded non-need,
merit scholarships
received up to $49,600 per year.

Happy Graduates