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"There is probably more than one right school for your child, and that school can be both desirable AND affordable."












"It's not about good schools and bad schools, it's about finding the RIGHT FIT!"

Finding the right college isn’t what it used to be

KeyAny parent who’s been involved in the college selection process over the past few years knows it’s a whole new world. So many challenges face college-bound students and their families that the process feels overwhelmingly complicated, impossibly time consuming, and rife with stress. The “best known” schools are more competitive than ever. Costs continue to rise by twice the inflation rate each year.  The national dropout or transfer rate is more than 49%, taking students longer to graduate, and costing families even more money. That’s why it is critical to know your options early in the process.  The key to success is working with a resource that can navigate the complexities, organize a structure, create clarity and help make decisions that bring results:

Photograph of College StudentsThe College Advisor of New England began as a full-time counseling service in 1994. Our counselors have an average of 18 years experience in higher education counseling, college admissions and financial aid. We have made more than 550 personal visits to colleges and universities across the country, conducting in depth explorations, and critiques to bring our client families first-hand insights into a broad range of schools. In addition, we can identify strategies and help implement some great opportunities most people do not even know exist.

Our approach is to help students discover and understand what they want from their college experience, develop their voice, broaden their perspective, and find the right fit. At the same time, we help parents to understand and be effective in their role. This takes a great deal of anxiety out of the process and helps the college search become more of an adventure and less of a headache.

Our hands-on experience and credentials make us an ally to any family challenged by the prospect of selecting, applying to, or affording a college education.

The College Advisor of New England is the only comprehensive College counseling program in the region that integrates college admissions with financial strategies.

In an ideal world, parents wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of their child’s education. But it is a rare family that does not have to take the cost of college tuition into consideration. In most cases, it can be the most expensive investment a family ever makes. Finding the right school and applying smart financial strategies do not have to be mutually exclusive.

In addition to on-going personal coaching, creating and over-seeing a coordinated application process, and generally keeping students on top and ahead, we help families minimize costs. 

Approximately half of our clients qualify for need-based financial aid. The College Advisor counselors can help guide qualified families through the complex steps and applications involved in maximizing financial aid.

Families that do not qualify for aid still need help in managing college costs. Parents who are planning higher education for multiple children have to be even more concerned with affordability. If a child finds that he or she is enrolled in the wrong school and decides to transfer, parents can end up paying tuition for 5 years or more. Clearly, the need for the right fit has never been more important.

The College Advisor of New England provides strategies, structure and logic to ensure a successful placement for your student and family. Your son or daughter will feel confident that they know what they’re doing throughout every aspect of the college admissions process, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child will make a logical, thoughtful and successful decision that you can support.